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Bells - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

One of the most popular but also one of the most infamous dive spots of the Red Sea (if not worldwide) lies at the north top of Dahab: the Blue Hole! This 65 meter wide hole in the reef top is the ultimate TEC divers' hotspot due to its depth of 110 meters. But it is also suitable for skin divers, of course.

One of the most beautiful dives is the one leading from the Bells to the Blue Hole. Getting to the entrance is rather challenging, but nevertheless really worthwhile. With our equipment we make from the Blue Hole over a big rock where lots of commemorative plaques for all the divers that have lost their lives have been placed – another clear evidence of the limits of man set by the sea. Further down the trail there is a little gap of 2 meters in the reef: The entrance to the Bells.

Hop into the water, put on your fins and mask and start diving! Directly inside the gap of the reef there's a partly open passage you and your buddies can dive through one by one. At about 27 meters this passage ends at the outer reef and its amazing wall, a really breathtaking experience!

Turning right along the wall you can now dive in the direction of the Blue Hole. Beautiful rocky overhangs and niches offer the perfect hideaways for groupers and many others. Furthermore, there's the incredible view into the deep blue of the drop-off. From here our dive will lead us through shallower waters until we arrive at the outer edge of the Blue Hole where you will not only find stunning soft corals but also colorful marine life. Over the saddle we will swim into the Blue Hole. Experience the infinite blue that gave this dive spot its rightful name and watch free divers going down into the seemingly endless depths.

As soon as we have completed our safety stop, we will ascend through the gap in the reef again. Soon after that you can sit down to relax and enjoy the famous tea of the Bedouins or an ice-cold coke in one of the restaurants around the beach.

But be aware: The Blue Hole is addictive!

Bells - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Bells - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Bells - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

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