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The Blue Hole - many great stories feature this world-famous dive spot! The reef drops vertically down to 70 to 115 meters here, leading to a drop off in the open sea, where the maximum depth is said to be around 700 and 800 meters. In the midst of the Blue Hole, at around 55 meters depth, there is a connection to the ocean which is also known as the „Arch“ on account of its shape. Diving through this gap is only possible for TEC divers due to the general depth limits for skin divers. Nevertheless, the Blue Hole fascinates each and everyone – which is sadly also the reason for many divers having lost their lives here because of their own carelessness or overestimation of their capabilities.

But please do not be afraid! The Blue Hole is mainly an amazing dive spot not to be missed. We would be very happy to accompany you on your dive – no matter if you are skin or TEC diver!


If you are skin diver not only can you dive the Blue Hole starting from the Bells, but you can also go along the edge of the reef. We will start directly from the beach in front of the seaside restaurants. On this route we will be passing the free divers within the Blue Hole, swimming over the saddle and to the outer reef. Beautiful soft corals with a high number of different fish will await you here and you'll feel like swimming around a huge fish tank at a maximum depth of 20 meters. After a bit we will turn around and start our return journey in shallower water via the saddle of the reef and into the Blue Hole again.

After the safety stop we will start our ascent to the surface. As this is usually our second dive of the day, we normally drive you back to the Sunsplash Divers Resort at this point so you have the rest of the day to yourself - either relaxing at the beach or strolling around Dahab's shops.  . 

Blue hole - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Blue hole - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Blue hole - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

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