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Caves - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
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Caves - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

The southernmost dive spot of Dahab which can be reached by Jeep is called The Caves. The mountains almost touch the sea at this point, but shortly before there's the possibility to access over the reef's edge. Diving at The Caves is only possible during high tide and when the sea is very quiet as we are starting from the top reef. Inflate your BC, hop into the water and experience one of the most exciting dives in Dahab!

Directly at the beginning of our dive you will find yourself in the first cave, which also gave this dive spot its name. Actually it is more of an overhang that goes down to 12m. Here you can easily dive through and explore. The light creates breathtaking impressions and the seaweed hanging from the cave's walls makes it look magical and mysterious at the same time. After checking out this first cave, you will be diving along the reef. The following sandy drop-off is home to eels, pipe fishes and wrasses – with a bit of luck you will even get to see big napoleon wrasses!

The dive ends after the second cave, which is inhabited by uncountable puffer fishes. Here we will be doing our safety stop and then surface one after the other. Watch and learn from your guide how to get to the top reef. The OK sign shows the following diver when exactly it is his or her turn to start surfacing.

Caves - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Caves - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Caves - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

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