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Um Sid is recommended to be the first dive of the day due to its depth. So let's go: Our Jeep will be driving past the beach bars around Golden Block, Moray Garden and Three Pools and instead stop at a place that does not really look like a dive site at all. Only the occasional wooden shelters and one single sign indicate this divers' access point. There are not many other divers here, which is actually a very good thing as it means less underwater traffic.

This spot is also known for its strong current, but diving here is nevertheless worth it! We will start descending relatively quickly after the start of our dive, as the maximum depth will be 37m. Down there, a beautiful and huge sea fan coral awaits us. With a little bit of luck we will also see its inhabitant, the longnose hawkfish. On our way back sand eels will be crossing our path. Also we will pass uncountable coral blocks and lots of table corals. Furthermore, big brasses, blue-spotted rays and barracudas can be seen here.

The strong current usually occurs on our way back, but don't be intimidated by that! Just follow your guide, who very well knows from experience how to get to the final point of the dive without wearing yourself out. After the dive you will be driven to the restaurants to regain your strength for the second dive of the day while enjoying a tasty meal.

Um sid - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
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Um sid - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

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