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There is only one place that gives you a similar feeling of unlimited freedom as the sea while diving: It’s the desert!

Get to know the extraordinary beauty of the Sinai with us: Walk through seemingly endless sand dunes, enjoy the many colors of the ancient rocks, marvel at the fascinating play of light and shadow and explore the desert life.

Just as the Bedouin’s saying goes “The ways of wisdom lead through the desert.”

We would love to accompany you on the adventures that the desert has to offer. Our yearlong experience makes us the perfect companions for such a trip. Read more about the different types of Safari tours and hikes below.

• Moses’ Mountain

• Saint Catherine’s


• Mount Catherine

• Wadi Gnai

• Menhir Wadi

Safaris - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

• Arada Canyon

• Camel Tour

• Machrum

• Nawamis

• White Canyon

You’d prefer individual tours? The general “tourist program” is not your style? You’re not afraid of challenging yourself? Then you are absolutely spot-on with us!

It is very important for us to involve the local Bedouins into our program, as they are still the masters of the desert and their experiences and knowledge is extremely helpful.

Desert safaris - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Desert safaris - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt
Desert safaris - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

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