Visa - Sunsplash Divers Dahab Egypt

Dear Guests,

We would like to give you some useful travel information prior to your visit in order for you to have the easiest possible start into your vacation.

If any of your questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for further information.


The Sunsplash Divers Club is located in Dahab, Egypt.

In the north the country adjoins the Mediterranean Sea, whereas in the south it borders on Sudan and in the west on Libya. The eastern part of Egypt partly lies on the Red Sea and partly boarders on Israel.

Dahab is situated on the Sinai Peninsula in the Gulf of Aqaba and can be easily reached from Sharm El Sheik's airport by taxi (90km north).


The official language is Arabic. However, as Dahab has been touristically influenced, many people understand and speak English, German or French. Of course, the Egyptians would be very happy to hear some Arabic words from you, too. Below you will find some of the most useful expressions.


Salam aleikum

Good morning

Sabah el cher

Good evening

Masaa el cher

Good night

Tishab ala cher


Aiwa / Naam



Please / You're welcome

Min fadlak

Thank you




Local Time


Entry requirements / Visa

Please keep in mind that your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 further months from the date of departure.

When entering Egypt visas are obligatory! For a charge of USD 25,- visas valid for a maximum stay of 28 days can be bought at the bank counter on the airport. If you are planning a longer stay, please contact the Egyptian Embassy in your home country for further information prior to your visit.

If you are planning a trip to the National Park of Ras Mohammed, St. Catherin or in the desert and not staying longer than 2 weeks, there is basically no need for a visa for the southern part of the Sinai. However, this special regulation does not apply if you are entering Egypt via Cairo.


We kindly ask you to inform us in advance about your arrival time, so that we can arrange to pick you up from the airport in Sharm el Sheik. It will take us around one hour to get to Dahab from there.

The charges need to be paid on-site and are calculated according to the number of fellow passengers. As the flight times are subject to being changed on short notice, we would appreciate it very much if you could confirm the dates again two days prior to your flight.


The local currency is the Egyptian Pound (LE). 1 LE are 100 Piaster (PT).

Room rates and divers packages are being paid cash and in € at the Sunsplash Divers Club. For lunches and/or drinks in between the dives we would recommend paying in Egyptian Pounds. There are some ATMs in Dahab where you can make withdrawals via Master or Credit Card. Alternatively you can also change money at your bank to get Egyptian Pounds.


Dahab's summer is very hot and dry. Temperatures over 40°C are not uncommon. Don't forget your sun hat!

In case you are planning trips or visiting places where not many tourists are, please cover your knees and shoulders – also in summer. In the winter it is dry and warm in the daytime, however, at night it can get rather chilly. Therefore, it is recommended to bring warmer clothes, too.


Over 90% of the Egyptian population is Muslim. As Dahab is a touristy place, there is no dress code. Nevertheless, we would kindly ask you to treat the people with consideration and respect, which means no kissing on the streets and no topless sunbathing.

Eating and Drinking

The Egyptian cuisine is very multi-facetted and flavorful. For us, it is very important that our guests at the Sunsplash Divers Club enjoy freshly cooked, typical Egyptian dishes. Nevertheless, of course we still keep in mind the European palate. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our kitchen staff if you have any meal preferences.

Please generally keep an eye on the freshness of the foods when dining in restaurants. Especially pay attention to this when ordering fish or seafood dishes, as those could have been lying in the sun uneviscerated for some hours already. Furthermore, please pay attention with the water. Avoid drinks with ice cubes, if you are unsure that they have been made from drinking water. Never drink tap water.

Medical care

Basic Healthcare is guaranteed in Dahab. In case of an emergency Dr. Ahmed even comes to the Sunsplash Divers Club directly. There is also a pressure chamber in Dahab (Dr. Haikal, Emergency Number +20 101433325)